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Development web apps, with a frontend in Angular or Flutter.

What technologies do you recommend for building a web frontend client ?

There has been a major shift in recent years towards experiences delivered by client side web application frameworks such as Angular and ReactJS, rather than HTML modified by server side scripting (using technologies such as PHP, JSP or ASP) tightly bound to the backend services. Client side web applications are different in that they are much closer in concept to a mobile or desktop application, taking responsibility for their user interface and communicating with backend services through standard protocols such as REST. This is just all within the confines of the web browser rather than running directly on the operating system.
Our client side web application development framework of choice is Angular, developed by Google and released as open source. This has many benefits and allows quality web user interface to be developed rapidly.
If a traditional browser look and feel is not a concern, we would also recommend development in Flutter (also from Google) for client side web applications. The big benefit is that your Flutter web application codebase can quickly transition to a truly cross platform app project, without needing to re-write the user interface.

How does the consultancy process work for web app development?

To start with we work together to understand your requirements, it's not at all unusual for clients to just have an idea for their app at this stage, equally they may have detailed specifications.
Once your requirements are clear, if necessary, we work with some great designers who can create fantastic UI & UX designs for your app, although if you have these skills in-house then we will be happy to work with your designers too.
Depending on the complexity of your app, and how likely your requirements are to change there are different ways we can proceed with either a fixed scope & fixed price, or an agile approach to building your app. These are explained in more detail, along with the rest of the process on our home page.
Quality assurance testing happens throughout the development process, both through the development of automated tests and through manual testing of the app on different browsers. Prior to the app going live or the live version being updated it is usual to set aside some time for quality assurance testing and resolution of issues, including end to end testing, user acceptance testing, security testing & browser testing.
Once the release is ready we can handle the deployment to your hosting, or guide your staff through the process.
You own the source code to the development work you've paid for, and while we will of course be there to support you for future updates when you need us, you are completely free to take it to another development partner or build your own team.
To get started, tell us your web app idea and let's take it from there.

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